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Why the paleo diet is trending

Why the paleo diet is trending

The paleo diet is moving mainstream, and I happen to be someone who has experienced the benefits of eating without grains, dairy, legumes and sugar.

What is your opinion of the paleo diet?

I found paleo as a member of Crossfit Roots (thanks, Nicole!), and I personally embrace this way of eating because it emphasizes whole, real foods—particularly lots of vegetables and healthy fats. I’ve never eaten so much kale or avocado since going paleo a year ago.

Are we really in a paleo revolution—or is this just another fad diet that will fizzle over time? The jury is still out; but after feeling the benefits of cutting grains and most of the processed sugar out of my diet (nixing sugar has been the hardest part of paleo for me), I plan to adhere to the paleo philosophy of eating over the long term.

The infographic below digs deeper into the paleo movement and offers more insights into why paleo is trending.

The Paleo Revolution
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What are your thoughts on the paleo diet? Would you give it a try?

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