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Wisdom from the White House organic garden

Thomas Jefferson's words at the White House organic garden

A friend of mine, writer and editor Rebecca Heaton, recently toured the White House organic garden and shared this and other inspiring images with me. She notes: "Seedlings dating all the way back to Thomas Jefferson and Monticello were planted." I love the message—that planting a seed isn't just about what you reap now, it's about continuity, about turning failure into success. Gardens nourish us—body and mind. At my house we recently returned from a week-long trip to find a bounty of cherry tomatoes and a zucchini twice the size of my calf. I got the sense that, left alone, the garden really might take over the entire yard. Best of all, my kids run back and forth all day, taking little nibbles here and there. Feed them salad from a box and they won't touch it, but let them graze on the garden and they eat those greens up! Did you plant a garden this year? What inspires you about your garden?

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