Sibu Sura Chocolate expands, seeks investment

First female-owned, handcrafted bean-to-chocolate producer in Maryland/Virginia area declares rapid growth in artisanal market in short time span, seeks opportunities for further development

Sibu Sura Chocolates is the first premium, handcrafted bean-to-chocolate producer in the Maryland and Virginia area, and the first female-owned in the United States. Sibu Sura prides itself in our one hundred percent organic and Fair Trade Certified, Old World Style chocolate creations. In only two short years of production, Sibu Sura has built brand awareness, a strong company base, and solid sales, starting from its Maryland base, then throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast, with a chocolate so delectable that the factory hustles to keep up with production. Controlling the product starts with the hand-selection of the cacao bean, purchased directly from Peruvian growers, climate-controlled bean storage, individual monitoring and testing at every step of the chocolate manufacturing process and careful environmental packaging and shipping of the finished product.

Sibu Sura unlike other companies, has the expertise to compete in the fast-growing artisan chocolate bean-to-bar marketplace, and none have surpassed European-sourced couverture, the confectioner's staple raw material. Sibu Sura is ideally positioned to rise with the expanding demand for premium chocolate and domestic products.

Sibu Sura products can be purchased in over 55 gourmet grocers, retail stores, bakeries, coffee houses, kitchen studios, restaurants, breweries, wineries, and wine stores across the country, with an additional two hundred stores by fall.

Sibu Sura CEO and Founder, Julie McLean has established an attractive and fast-growing market niche among upscale consumers with healthy, ecological and indulgent inclinations. She has solidified the one hundred percent organic and Fair Trade Certified, Old World style chocolate creation niche with Solid Bars, Funky Bars, seasonal gift boxes and items, break chocolate and chef's blocks. A careful product line enhancement broadens and deepens the Sibu Sura customer's chocolate experience with Roasted Cocoa Nibs, Roasted Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Nib Brew Coffee and apparel.

Sibu Sura’s slogan “Good for the Body… Good for the Soul….Good for the Planet” resonates in a growing affluent, health-conscious, no-children-household market segment in America today. With business partners, upscale dessert companies, and prospective chain customers ready to test, then order on a large scale, McLean has the entrepreneur's ideal quandary: find the capital to turn sales opportunities into orders, then fund inventory and plant expansion to deliver them.

Sibu Sura seeks a $3.5M investment. Funding will be used for the following: acquiring a larger production facility to increase production capacity, purchasing more automated and robust chocolate manufacturing equipment to accommodate larger production volumes for both co-packing and wholesale customers at a faster production rate, develop a sales team, enhance marketing and branding, and expand its product offerings.

Sibu Sura will only offer investment opportunity to "Accredited Investors" as defined by the United States Securities Exchange Commission.

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