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Was Fred Flintstone Paleo?

The Nutra-Musicals Volume VI: Paleo Wizard*

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[* From Functional Ingredients Editor Todd Runestad and some other people at who really don't want their names associated with stuff like this. The opinions expressed herein do not represent the views of New Hope, its parent company, Pete Townsend, Hanna-Barbera, people who liked "Tommy," most #paleo dieters, and anybody else who might take themselves too seriously.]


He's the badass boy from Bedrock

Sings Yabba Dabba Doo

Wilma is his sweetie

But Betty she's so cute

He orders brontoburgers

And throws away the buns

My man Fred Flintstone

Sure eats  Pal-e-o


He digs at the rock quarry

With a dino crane machine

He stays away from dairy

And likes his cave bear lean

Has a lizard-powered blender

Makes shakes with bone marrow


My man Fred Flintstone

Sure eats Pal-e-o



He’s a caveman legend

An old school omnivore

A caveman legend

His dog’s a dinosaur!


How do you think he does it?

I don't know

Where does he get his food?


Got a modern Stone Age family

The Rubbles live next-door

Eats pterodactyl hot wings

And mastodons galore

Tyrannosaur T-bone

A free range carnivore


My man Fred Flintstone

Sure eats Pal-e-o



I thought I was doing

the ancient cave man thing

Nuts and berries

and a bag of BRAD’s RAW CHIPS


When you’re caveman it don’t matter

when your cholesterol is high

life is short and brutal

By 30 most will die

His diet’s high in protein

His carb intake too low

My man Fred Flintstone

Sure eats Pal-e-o



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