Atrium Innovations to spend $5 million on metabolic syndrome research

Atrium Innovations to spend $5 million on metabolic syndrome research

Atrium partners with the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods to assess the impact of fish oil, small fruits, probiotics, and enzymes on inflammation associated with metabolic syndrome.


Quebec City-based supplement maker Atrium Innovations announced Monday a $5 million commitment to nutrition research targeted at metabolic syndrome. The multi-year research program is to be completed in partnership with Canadian research group Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (INAF), located at Université Laval.

Metabolic syndrome is a somewhat mysterious precursor to stroke, diabetes, and coronary artery disease, and is often associated with obesity. Atrium and INAF will focus on treatment and prevention of inflammation associated with metabolic syndrome, specifically targeted at fish oils, fruits, probiotics and enzyme therapy.

NBJ Bottom Line

For the past two years, Atrium has been on a shopping spree, with what seemed like quarterly acquisitions. Purchases since 2009 have included Garden of Life, Trophic Canada, Seroyal and Minami Nutrition.

It would appear that whatever pile of cash Atrium’s been feeding from has yet to dwindle and that the company has stayed profitable through its myriad acquisitions. The company’s CEO Pierre Fitzgibbon recently won NBJ’s 2010 Management Achievement Award for his finance-minded leadership and successes.

The research investment stands to be a boon for all, as a positive linkage of ubiquitous ingredients like fish oil and probiotics to the prevention of inflammation related to diabetes and stroke stands to give all a leg up.

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