CEO Video Interview: Why Does Martek Spend $6 Million Annually on Clinical Research?

[video: id=streamhoster-http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/breed/a649d840-1cff-445e-a0ca-1450f29f28cb.flv, thumb=http://web18.streamhoster.com/pentonmedia/penton/breed/633880994391572222.gif]

The importance of quality research to the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage industries was a main topic when Martek Biosciences Corp. CEO Steve Dubin spoke with Nutrition Business Journal Editor Carlotta Mast in July at the 2009 NBJ Summit. “You can’t come out with fad products based on weak science,” said Dubin, who also discussed what he believes will be the growth drivers for his company moving forward.

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