The Current State of the Healthy Food Industry Research Summary and Briefing Book



Today’s shoppers have a variety of choices when making food purchasing decisions, yet even with concerns of a faltering economy, health remains at the top of consumers’ minds.

The Healthy Food Industry Research Summary and Briefing Book was prepared by AVERO Research and Nutrition Business Journal for Health Foods International to bring you the most comprehensive look at this booming healthy products industry. By purchasing you will gain new facts on consumer trends and behaviors from the media and market research experts of Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ).

The Briefing Book looks at consumer trends and insights in three main healthy foods categories:

  • Organic and natural products
  • Functional foods & beverages
  • Lesser-evil foods

Topics discussed include:

The attitudes, behaviors, and patterns of use surrounding healthy foods. Research subjects include U.S. consumers, grocery retail managers, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers.

Nutrition Business Journal is widely recognized as the journal of record for the healthy foods industry. Since 1996, NBJ has published the most detailed analysis of the healthy food market available to investors and executives in or interested in the functional food market and the explosive growth the market is experiencing. NBJ’s analysis breaks the healthy foods market into 3 primary product categories and 54 secondary product categories, comparing organic with natural and conventional food sales.

AVERO is a marketing research and strategy consulting firm. The firm services clients throughout North America. Current and recent clients include companies in health care, financial services, insurance, media, professional services, and consumer packaged goods. Engagements typically involve some form of customer research that informs strategic change. Research methods used include qualitative and quantitative techniques such as focus groups, survey research, in-depth interviews and point-of-purchase intercepts.


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