Ocean Nutrition Canada Expands Fish Oil Production



Ocean Nutrition Canada has announced an expansion that will secure its position as the largest fish oil manufacturer in the world, according to a recent release. The expansion includes a $19 million investment aimed at expanding its facilities as well as building a second manufacturing plant.

The company will expand its molecular distillation plant in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia in addition to collaborating with Alicorp Corporation in Peru to build a second manufacturing plant. ONC sources its fish oil from Peruvian fisheries, as most fish oil is sourced from South American countries.

President and CEO, Robert Orr, commented on the expansion, “With the exponential growth in consumer demand for Omega-3 food and supplement products we knew we had to be ahead of the game. With our capacity expansion we are more than prepared to meet any supply demands for both our fish oil and micro-encapsulated ingredients.”

According to NBJ estimates, U.S. fish/animal oil consumer supplement sales grew 29% in 2007 to $627 million.

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