Comax Flavors Launches New Web Site

(December 14, 2006, Melville, NY) Comax Flavors, a full-service manufacturer of innovative flavor solutions for the food and beverage industry, announced the launch of its new web site,

Positioned at the forefront of the flavor industry, Comax offers a unique blend of technological expertise, including "good for you foods" with a commitment to service for its customers. A leading innovator in flavor technology, Comax works closely throughout the flavor and aroma development process to help its customers achieve their taste profiles and dietary requirements.

The Comax Flavors web site details their full line of flavors, their specialization in aromatics, as well as their strength in making “good for you” products taste good.

As a world leader in proprietary technology of flavors and aroma components, the Comax web site can be opened in English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Comax’s highly creative flavorists, R&D and analytical team, along with superior technology and innovative processes, give customers innovative and cost-efficient flavoring for a wide range of products. With sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Comax Flavors can help companies get a taste of success. For more information, contact Comax Flavors at 1-800-992-0629 or

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