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Mocktail brands to watch in 2020

Happy National Mocktail Week! Here are three stories that will get you caught up on all our top alcoholic beverage alternatives from the past year.

The sober-curious movement isn't going anywhere, and 2019 was the year that upstart beverage brands really dug in and made alcoholic drink alternatives that were delicious, beautifully packaged and occasionally even nutritious. Below are three of our top-performing pieces of content that highlight low- and no-alcohol products to help U.S. consumers imbibe mindfully.

1. Unboxed: 6 alcohol-disrupting natural beverages


This roundup of better-for-you no- and low-alcohol beverages includes extra-fermented kombucha and hemp oil-infused sparkling water. "It shouldn't be strange at all to cut back," says bar owner John Wiseman, who formulated the alcohol-free brand of sophisticated mocktails called Curious Elixirs featured in the article.

2. Unboxed: 12 natural beverages to inspire holiday cheer


All holidays can be rough for those looking to stay sober for one reason or another. Luckily, these 12 alternatives allow consumers to cut way back on sugar and other problematic additives while maintaining a festive vibe. Included here are sparkling bitters and non-alcoholic spirits that bring a fresh dose of innovation to the category.

3. 4 beverage brands to toast to at Natural Products Expo East


Straight from the show floor at Natural Products Expo East 2019, this video features four top-notch beverage brands that forgo the alcohol and replace it with functional add-ins and botanical infusions. Guilt-free sangria? Yes, please!

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