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Finding clarity on transparency in supplements

Finding clarity on transparency in supplements
If we can increase the gap between the bad players and the responsible companies that are the future of the supplements industry, we give consumers a much clearer choice.

Transparency as a concept is not always transparent. Inside the supplement industry we know what it means, but in the aisles consumers may not see through the haze.

At MegaFood we are trying to change that. The Transparency Project is a live web series that debuts on Tuesday November 18th. Consumers, retailers and anybody interested in understanding supplement manufacturing will get an up-close, insider’s view of what transparency means to us. Every week for six weeks, viewers will see what we make, how we make it and where our ingredients come from – the whole supply chain from sprouted seed to shelf. The Transparency Project will feature a live comment feed through Facebook and Twitter, open to all viewers as a platform to ask questions and post comments, in real time.

This series will tell a positive story the public needs to hear, a story that could help drown out the negative news so often heard. A negative study or a sports supplement scandal gets more media play than a report that highlights how supplements can reduce healthcare costs or encourage healthy lifestyles.

By telling our transparency story in as many channels and in as many formats as we can, the supplement industry can not only shift the conversation but could help call out the brands less committed to quality. If we increase the gap between the bad players and the responsible companies that are the future of the industry, we give consumers a much clearer choice.

It's going to take a lot of voices singing the same song (perhaps in different keys) to create change. The MegaFood Transparency Project is one way to carry the tune. We look forward to companies coming forward to join the chorus with other ideas and other formats. In the aisles, consumers will hear the message of transparency and integrity from the natural retailers. Supplement brands need to give them the scripts and the screens, the lyrics, if we want that message to resonate and bring the change the industry needs.

The MegaFood Transparency Project premiers Tuesday November 18th at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will run for six weeks. See it at

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