Gelnex launches sustainable shipping, packaging program

Check out the company's latest efforts.

Gelnex has announced a new packaging and shipping program for its gelatin products that embodies much of the company’s holistic approach to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

A pioneering “pallet-free” shipping system which employs no wood or plastic pallets is expected to save 40,000 trees in the first year while saving weight and energy, and eliminates the cost and inconvenience of storing and disposing of pallets. Handling is the same as regular pallet-type packaging, with no special equipment needed.

Also, as part of its sustainable program, Gelnex gelatin bags now carry the “Child-Friendly Company” seal of the Brazil-based Abrinq Foundation, an international nonprofit dedicated to promoting the rights of Brazil’s children and adolescents. As an Abrinq member, Gelnex is committed to the Foundation’s goal to bridge social and economic divides to overcome poverty, eliminate child labor, and make the welfare of children and adolescents “the absolute priority” in Brazil’s national agenda.

“At Gelnex we believe that in order to build a truly sustainable enterprise and world,” says Gelnex USA President Felipe Chaluppe, “we must continually innovate in our forest, water, energy and air quality conservation practices. At the same time we must also make significant contributions to the health, education and well-being of the people in the communities in which we operate—with a strong emphasis on children. This is especially important to us because there is a real need for such assistance in some of the rural areas in which our plants are sited. It is not enough to create jobs, although that is very important to building strong communities. We must also help improve schools, libraries, health services, elder care, infrastructure and recreation for a tangibly healthier, more sustainable future.”

Abrinq began with a grassroots program in which contributors gave $50 each to provide shelter for homeless children. Today it has grown to be a major international organization supporting health, education, social and other projects focused on the well-being of children.

“Our participation in the Abrinq Foundation is very important to us and we are proud to display the “Child-Friendly Company” seal on our packages. Abrinq has made major strides in improving the lives and futures of children and adolescents across Brazil and we enthusiastically support those goals,” says Chaluppe.

In addition to its Abrinq support, Gelnex has taken the initiative in a wide range of community based projects to improve the lives of its employers and communities, such as:

  • Project to Encourage Reading, which contributes textbooks and built a mini-library at Santos Dumont School in Nazario, Brazil
  • Digital Inclusion Project, which provides computers, projectors and cameras for learning in needy schools in Araguaína, Brazil
  • Healthy Childhood Project, developed to encourage employees’ children to play sports and participate in other outdoor fitness activities
  • Home of the Elderly Project, providing improvements in infrastructure, furniture, clothing and occupational therapy to residents of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Home for the Elderly in Araguaína
  • Arbor Day and Environment Week Celebrations, to plant trees and teach the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment.

Gelnex is a Brazil-based manufacturer of high quality beef and pork gelatins.

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