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Orcas International renamed Orcas Naturals

Orcas International renamed Orcas Naturals
Company also just acquired Unique Encapsulation, a  custom encapsulation manufacturer of all kinds of nutritional supplements. 

Orcas International, a leading developer of botanical extracts, and supplement manufacturer, has announced their formal name change to Orcas Naturals, which takes effect on March 1, 2015, to better reflect their refocus on their core business of natural ingredients. They would also like to announce the recent acquisition of Unique Encapsulation (UET), a manufacturing partner for product development, and is considered a best-in-class custom encapsulation manufacturer of all kinds of nutritional supplements. The recent acquisition has resulted in a new production facility including state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and warehouse space. The expansion enables Orcas Naturals to offer unparalleled cost effective solutions for their clients, and includes innovative formulation capabilities.

As part of Orcas’ commitment to excellence, they offer product and ingredient testing seldom seen in this industry. Their lab capabilities far exceed larger supplement companies, and feature: HPLC for testing actives, FTIR for identification, UPLC-MS testing for actives, molecular weight, pesticides, identifying new molecules, Titration testing for actives, Karl Fisher Titration for moisture, Biolumix for testing micro, Clevenger for testing volatile oils contents, Tap density and Bulk density, and Disintegration testing for tablets and capsules. The R&D team at Orcas is fully capable of offering turn-key supplement services, from sourcing raw materials to formulating and testing, to encapsulation manufacturing of extracts: including bottling, labeling and packaging.

During a recent interview, KG Rao, president of Orcas, made these comments: “This is great news for our customers. With expanded capacity, enhanced capabilities, and new product development resources, we will continue to build on Orcas Naturals strong heritage of providing best-in-class services to our customers. It will be a one-stop shop for innovators in nutrition.”

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