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Orcas Naturals acquires Unique Encapsulation

Orcas Naturals acquires Unique Encapsulation
Orcas can now implement a new technology, U-Caps, which offer higher stability of oxygen-sensitive actives in an airtight, leak-proof and vegan liquid capsule.

The acquisition of Unique Encapsulation, by Orcas Naturals, has placed Orcas in the enviable position of implementing a new technology—Liquid Filled Hard Capsules (U-Caps). The liquid capsules offer a higher stability of oxygen sensitive actives, in an airtight, leak-proof and vegan capsule. U-Caps incorporate oil soluble and oil suspension ingredients that may enhance the absorption of those ingredients in the blood plasma. This is good news for supplement formulators as well as the consumer. Orcas Naturals is not only a prime source for raw materials, but can custom formulate and “private label” supplements using their proprietary liquid encapsulation technology. The company's advanced encapsulation process renders a more stable product.

Unique Encapsulation has a highly trained staff operating out of a state-of-the-art facility (NSF Certified) with the latest high-tech equipment, meaning custom nutritional supplements can be developed and produced in an expeditious manner. Raw ingredients are maintained in stock from global sources and no ingredient is sold or used in any products that have not been thoroughly quality control tested. The comprehensive lab capabilities include HPLC for testing actives, FTIR for identification, UPLC-MS testing for actives, molecular weight, pesticides, Karl Fisher Titrators for moisture, Biolumix for testing micro, and GCMS for testing volatile oil contents. The company’s advanced encapsulation process renders a more stable product.

UET’s manufacturing infrastructure ensures efficient encapsulation for difficult-to-formulate actives such as high viscosity fills, low–melting point compounds, highly potent actives and low-dose actives. Orcas Naturals and UET offer a strategic alliance that provide clients with a one-stop turnkey supplement source and manufacturer providing professional consultations to seamlessly build, hold, and ship dietary products. They stock custom labels for ready shipment, ensure compounds are clinically tested, and meet or exceed project timelines as well as handle regulatory affairs and documentation, and provide logistics and support services.

Founded in 1994, headquartered in Landing, N.J., Orcas Naturals is one of the leading natural ingredient suppliers of wholesome ingredients from land and sea that are safe, tested and researched for the development of products that are health driven.


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