Plant-based CPG innovations create breakthroughs in taste, textures

From alt-meat investments to algae-based treats, our editors navigated the rapidly changing landscape of plant-based products this year. Read more.

Gianna Rosenbach, Content Creator, CPG and Digital

January 2, 2024

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The new year shines a bright spotlight on plant-based food innovations. The days of brands’ replicating frozen chicken nuggets have finally passed, it seems. In the second half of 2023, plant-based cheeses found their moment with better tastes and textures, while elevated vegan meats made their way into grocery delis.

Whether your customer base consists of plant-based enthusiasts or consumers intrigued by the evolving world of sustainable choices, this roundup offers a glimpse into the diverse and exciting advancements that have shaped the year's narrative in plant-powered living. Review the key trends that redefined plant-based CPG, from major investments in alternative meats to the unboxing of cutting-edge, plant-based foods, beverages and more.

  1. Plant-based cheese finally moves into the spotlightAfter years of experimentation, plant-based cheese makers have crafted products with the tastes, flavors and consistencies consumers want. Take a bite of their stories.

  2. Grocery delis entice vegans with elevated plant-based meatsAs vegan meats achieve texture and flavor milestones, natural grocers are incorporating them into sandwiches, burritos and more. Get a taste of what’s new.

  3. June investments roundup: Alt-meats get approval, financingFollowing the USDA's approval Good Meats' and Upside Foods' cell-cultivated chicken, other alt-meat companies made news with investments received in June.

  4. In the Aisle: Innovative vegan foods include cheese, butter, seafoodLeaving its history of lackluster "meatless burgers" behind, the craft vegan movement offers a variety of attractive plant-based options.

  5. Climax Superfoods' founder: Animal milk is unnecessaryWith computers analyzing specific plant compounds and combinations, researchers can more quickly create enticing plant-based foods and dairy products, he says.

  6. Ardent Mills helps meet consumer demand for gluten-free, plant-based alternatives – downloadFrom gluten-free flours, mixes, blends and more, Ardent Mills is here to support brands as the plant-based trend expands.

Plant-based products New Hope unboxed

  1. Unboxed: 18 next-level plant-based productsWhile the abundance of plant-based options at Natural Products Expo East this year was evident, what stood out the most was the subtle shift in product formulation and positioning.

  2. Unboxed: 7 meat-free proteins for vegans to celebrate summerSummer: Time to fire up the grill and dine outside. But what can plant-based eaters enjoy? These seven alternative proteins will please every vegan's palate.

  3. Unboxed: 18 algae-based products for all aisles of the storeThe tides of “blue food” products are rising, but seaweed, kelp and algae are not limited to just food. Check out this gallery, where New Hope unboxes marine plant-based products across categories with seemingly limitless possibilities.

  4. Unboxed: 6 vegan holiday dessert recipes for a festive seasonNatural brands offer six fabulous holiday dessert recipes that use plant-based products in place of traditional dairy. Share these ideas with customers.

  5. Unboxed: 8 plant-based foods for holiday charcuterie and cheese boardsA new wave of vegan foods and high-end, non-alcoholic drinks make everyone feel welcome at upcoming parties and celebrations. Considering stocking these.

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