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By the numbers: Fiber hard for Americans to swallow

We’re not getting enough fiber, according to recent reports from Chicago-based market research firm Mintel. Though 30 percent of consumers say they make it a point to eat fiber-rich foods, and a study conducted by Delicious Living magazine and iVillage found most consumers consider “high fiber” the most important food-label claim, Mintel reports that only one in five shoppers actually looks for products with added fiber in the store.

27 percent of consumers think food with added fiber have an unpleasant taste

5.5 percent of U.S. food and beverages launched in 2009 had an explicit fiber claim, more than double the products with the same claim in 2006

25 percent of consumers think fiber is only necessary for those who suffer from irregularity or other digestive problems

4 health conditions—heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes—can be prevented by a high-fiber diet, according to the Mayo Clinic

65.6 percent of consumers consider fiber the most important health claim, followed closely by “whole grains” at 64.6 percent

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