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Shoppers seek natural remedies for stress and sleep

Shoppers seek natural remedies for stress and sleep

Today's supplements offer relief for stressed-out and tired workers who increasingly look to natural stores for natural solutions. Here are the key ingredients and top supplements to recommend.

Stress and sleeplessness are the chicken and egg of modern American life: more stress, less sleep; less sleep, more stress, and so it tends to go. Today, 36 percent of U.S. workers regularly experience work stress, according to a recent American Psychological Association survey, and the National Sleep Foundation reports that 64 percent of adults frequently suffer sleep problems, with higher rates for women and sleepers older than 65.

Although lifestyle changes—regular exercise, deep breathing, reducing caffeine—are key to achieving lasting fixes for both complaints, there’s no shortage of natural remedies that also offer welcome relief for stress and sleep ailments. And as a natural products retailer, you’re likely seeing more and more people enter your store looking for help with these increasingly common problems.

Products to calm our fast-paced times

As the speed of American life has increased, so too has the number of dietary supplements designed to moderate the effects of stress and help alleviate sleeplessness. Not surprisingly, supplement formulas for stress and for sleep often share some ingredients, especially calm-inducing and adaptogenic herbs such as valerian, L-theanine and ashwagandha.

But for insomnia, melatonin remains the major player. The sleep-regulating hormone—which seems to work best for correcting disrupted sleep cycles and supporting jet lag—accounted for almost half the sleep category’s U.S. consumer sales in 2010, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

Here are six top stress and sleep supplements worth learning about and recommending to your shoppers.

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