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Natural Foods Merchandiser expands refrigerated and living foods section via Green PolkaDot Box expands refrigerated and living foods section via Green PolkaDot Box
Green PolkaDot Box will expand its reach of frozen and refrigerated products through a partnership with Green PolkaDot Box offers hard-to-get organic, non-GMO foods on a mail-order basis. 

Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated has been solicited and chosen by to share its unique and expanding organic and non-GMO natural food offering and fulfillment expertise with's approximately 200 million customers.

The agreement between the companies is intended to take advantage of unique, strategic food offerings developed by the emerging online food club— frozen/refrigerated goods and proprietary Living Produce®. GPDB sales are scheduled to commence on this week. "We are ecstatic that recognizes the enormous effort we've expended in developing unique, high value products and fulfillment capabilities to serve a growing audience of health-minded consumers," says GPDB CEO Rod Smith.

GPDB plans to put thousands of products "on sale," including bulk and unique bundled offerings that will lure's value-minded shoppers.

"Our pricing on is going to be competitive," Smith, emphasizes. "We plan to meet and beat Amazon Prime® pricing on our listings, wherever possible, and be the best priced where Prime is not available, including free shipping." Smith is quick to clarify, however, that Club membership prices at will always be the very best value in the nation, "guaranteed."

While confident that will become a profitable channel for GPDB distribution and sales, Smith sees a bigger picture.  "We like the brand exposure to such a large consumer audience that this partnership will bring. But, speaking strategically, our frozen/refrigerated line of organic and non-GMO foods gives a major sales and distribution advantage with little competition.  Moreover, GPDB will be the exclusive provider for Living Produce® on once our national distribution footprint is in place next year."

Green PolkaDot Box offers a unique, hard-to-get selection of organic, non-GMO frozen and refrigerated foods; it is one of very few online companies that has developed the capability to ship custom frozen orders including a variety of organic products with 1-2 day delivery.  Living Produce®—not yet available in the United States—is a large variety of proprietary organic "living" produce that will be grown with patent pending farming technology and a patented organic fertilizer solution, available with next day delivery at affordable prices. 

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