APEX Nutraceuticals Announces the Restructuring of Acaizone, LLC.

APEX Nutraceuticals announces the restructuring of Acaizone, LLC. This restructuring will have a greater benefit to our customers. The new company “ APEX Nutraceuticals, LLC” will resume the operation and responsibility as a supplier of the nutraceuticals and exotic fruit raw materials plus have additional benefits to our customers.

APEX is a direct supply of wide range of raw materials, such as Acai, Acerola, Alma, Camu Camu, Goji, Mangosteen, Noni, and Pomegranate in powder, puree, clarified and concentrates. Because of our strong negotiation power with the growers and manufacturers, APEX is able to offer these products at very competitive prices .

We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide quality, value-added products and exceptional customer services. Quality is very important to Apex Nutra. We ensure that all the products have been throughly inspected, examined and tested before shipping to customers.

We adhere to the highest quality standards. We use manufacturers and suppliers that are CGMPs and HACCP compliance as well as organic and kosher certified. Apex Nutra has carefully selected and established a relationship with reliable, high quality manufacturers and suppliers in many part around the world; Brazil, China, Thailand.

In the recent economy, many companies strive to eliminate waste, reduce resources and save money. Apex Nutra understands these challenges and will work closely with our customers to meet their needs and expectations.

For more information on Apex Nutra and its products, please visit our website: www.apex-nutra.com, contact Mike Khalil at (949) 735-6224 or email to [email protected].

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