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Bode Miller: Gold Medal ski racer, organic farmer

Bode Miller is typically known for his powerful skiing and partying ways, and doesn’t get much recognition for his vegetable garden. Maybe that reputation should change.

In 2005, after Miller won the World Championships, he returned home to New Hampshire and bought an organic farm. He says he liked the idea of having a piece of land that was his that he could do with as he pleased. Farming came naturally to the gold medal- winning skier, as his family grew their own organic produce on 450 acres in a home without electricity or running water.

Miller’s own farm, Turtle Ridge Farm, is run without the use of pesticides or artificial chemicals because “that’s the way to do it,” Miller says. A vegetarian, Miller explains that “it seems like the normal things, as opposed to something special.” The farm sells a variety of award-winning crops in the summer like corn, tomatoes and artichokes. New Hampshire winters can be “downright abusive,” Miller says so he uses that time to get back to his snowy passion.

The farm does not currently sell to retailers, although industry members like Stonyfield Yogurt are involved with the foundation the farm also operates. The Turtle Ridge Foundation is aimed at “supporting progressive environmental initiatives and youth athletic opportunities.” Want to get involved? Contact Miller’s sister, Kyla at [email protected].

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