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Fortitech Halal certified
Fortitech Europe's new premix manufacturing and testing facility in Denmark has been certified Halal-compliant by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. Fortitech Europe ApS is part of the global network of Fortitech Inc.

High ORAC for Mango.xan
Two independent studies have confirmed that Utah-based Pure Fruit Technologies' mangosteen juice supplement, Mango.xan, has a higher ORAC value and greater xanthone content than several competitors. One of the studies, by Covance Laboratories, revealed that Mango.xan's ORAC score per fluid ounce was more than 45 per cent higher than its closest competitor.

Sunfiber facility 'superior'
Taiyo's Sunfiber manufacturing facility has received a 'Superior' rating from the American Institute of Baking. A superior rating is the highest possible classification. Tasteless, colourless and odourless, Sunfiber is an all-natural, soluble dietary fibre designed to improve functionality in foods and beverages.

IRTA teams with HortResearch
Horticultural research institute IRTA (Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroaliment?ries) of Spain has teamed with New Zealand's HortResearch to develop new fruit cultivars and advanced integrated and sustainable production systems for commercial applications. Hort-Research and IRTA have done research in disease management, fruit and crop quality, and plant genetics, and have already delivered commercial successes in global fruit, cereal, nut, and related food and beverage markets.

Roche taps Martek
Roche has selected Martek Biosciences Corp as a production partner for shikimic acid, the starting material used to produce Tamiflu. Roche has received orders for Tamiflu from more than 60 countries in case of an avian flu pandemic. This partnership helps Roche reduce its dependence on the Chinese star anise fruit as a source of shikimic acid.

Lactose-free milk process
Finland-based Valio has garnered the golden award from the German Agricultural Society for its lactose-free milk technology. Valio's process completely separates the lactose from milk and uses patented membrane technology. The company has licensed its technology to three partners: Emmi in Switzerland, Kaiku in Spain and Maeil Dairy in South Korea.

Lonza gains peptide division
Lonza has acquired the peptide manufacturing division Bioproducts from UCB, located outside of Brussels. This division, with about 300 employees, will operate as Lonza Braine. The deal provides Lonza with a site that has a global reach in peptides, according to the company.

Kudos for BioLogic
Australia's BioLogic Health Solutions won a product merit award from Nutrition Business Journal for UroLogic, the company's all-natural product for overactive bladder and incontinence associated with ageing and childbirth. UroLogic contains the herb horsetail used for urinary incontinence and the Ayurvedic herb Crateva for bladder tone, combined with minerals to support nerve transmission.

EPAX AS goes it alone
EPAX AS, formerly a division of Pronova Biocare, announced a recent de-merger from its previous parent company. EPAX AS, a producer of concentrated omega-3 EPA/DHA oils, will continue to produce oils under the EPAX brand name. The new structure allows EPAX AS to have more strategic focus, the company reports.

Pharmachem hire
Monica Johnson has been hired by Pharmachem Labor-atories to expand the company's business into the cosmetic/personal care market, focusing on the extraction and processing capabilities at the company's North Carolina location. Johnson holds a master's degree in plant genetics.

Kemin forms new company
Kemin Industries has formed a new company called Kemin Food Ingredients, to provide shelf-life solutions. Investments are being made in personnel, lab space and equipment, the company reports. Also, KFI plans to introduce FloraGLO brand lutein to the food and beverage industries. Current product lines include Fortium natural antioxidants and extracts, Shield antimicrobial systems, and En-Hance synthetic antioxidants.

Phyto-Source interest sold
Forbes Medi-Tech completed the sale of its interest in Phyto-Source, the company's 50-50 sterol manufacturing joint venture, for $25 million to Chusei Oil of Japan. The net proceeds of the sale will go toward Forbes' pharmaceutical and nutraceutical development programs.

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