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Company news

Colloides opens Shanghai office
Colloides Naturels International has opened an office in Shanghai, China. Joining seven other subsidiaries around the globe, Colloides Naturels? new office will address the growing demand for acacia gum in the Chinese market.

New sites at Sigma Tau
Sigma Tau has added two new Web sites. A site at helps formulators learn more about the science of these raw ingredients; and explains the company?s line of metabolic finished drink products.

TNO id?s intestinal flora
TNO Quality of Life scientists in Zeist, the Netherlands, have used DNA?s unique structure to identify the more than 400 types of bacteria that make up human intestinal flora. TNO is on its way to putting the bacteria on an intestinal flora chip, which will enable them to study the effects of diet on intestinal flora.

TWI wins poster presentation
Technical Sourcing International?s PEAK ATP ingredient won a poster presentation at the Natural Supplements: An Evidence-based Update conference. The clinical trial provided evidence that a dose of PEAK ATP (adenosine triphosphate) increased peripheral perfusion pressure and oxygenation in healthy men and women, indicating it may be effective for peripheral arterial disease.

Reuteri tablets distribution
BioGaia has signed a five-year agreement with J Health Enterprise, giving the company exclusive rights to distribute Reuteri tablets in Hong Kong. Sales are expected to start in autumn 2005.

Aspartame expansion
Ajinomoto has invested $58 million to expand its aspartame manufacturing plants in Yokkaichi, Japan, and Gravelines, France. The expansions will increase annual global capacity to 10,000 metric tonnes.

Noni juice wins approval
A group of noni juice producers from the Pacific islands has become the first trade association to gain novel foods approval for their products to be sold in the EU. The members of the Pacific Island Noni Association landed approval for their noni juice products. Noni juice is derived from the Morinda citrifolia L fruit.

AOAC elects board member
Darryl Sullivan, senior manager of food and drug analysis at Covance Inc, has been elected to the board of directors for AOAC International, a non-profit association dedicated to the development and validation of analytical methods and the improvement of quality-assurance procedures in labs.

Brand manager at Botanical
Meridith Mossman has been appointed brand manager for ZAND and Herbs for Kids at Washington-based Botanical Laboratories. Mossman earned a bachelor?s degree in marketing and management from the University of Montana.

Raisio expands production
Finland?s Raisio group is beginning production of oat- and soy-based fresh foods. The company currently markets a line of such drinks in Finland under the Beneviva range made by an outside manufacturer. Raisio will invest some $6.52 million in a new production plant rented from Valio, employing 15-20 people. The group currently employs around 1,500 people.

Iron ingredient achieves GRAS
Taiyo?s iron-fortification ingredient SunActive Fe has achieved self-affirmed GRAS status. SunActive Fe is used in foods and beverages.

Forbes picks board chairman
Forbes Medi-Tech has appointed Steven Nissen, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Coordinating Center, as chairman of the company?s medical and scientific advisory board. Dr Nissen was one of the pioneers in the development of intravascular ultrasound and has been involved in studies of atherosclerosis regression and progression.

Plant expansion in Brazil
ADM?s cocoa processing facility, ADM-Joanes, in Bahia, Brazil, is undergoing renovations. These include plant process upgrades and expansion of its production line.

FDA approves LycoMato GRAS
LycoRed Natural Products? lycopene complex has been approved GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration. Clinical studies show antioxidant-rich LycoMato may support prostate, heart and skin health.

PS production in Brazil
Chemi SpA has begun to manufacture phosphatidylserine (PS) in its cGMP-compliant plant in Bahia, Brazil. The plant manufactures several concentrations of PS in the SerinAid PS family. An enriched soybean-derived phospholipid compound, PS is used to support cognitive function and to suppress cortisol, a catabolic stress hormone.

Winner at Ingredients Russia
ORAFTI, a maker of natural prebiotic ingredients, landed three prizes at the ?Ingredient of the Year 2004? ceremony at Ingredients Russia. The awards included a gold medal for its Raftiline HP and Raftiline GR inulins, a silver medal for its oligofructose powder Raftilose P95 and a prize for the ORAFTI report presented at the Ingredients Russia Forum. ORAFTI Group is a subsidiary of the Belgian agro-food group Raffinerie Tirlemontoise/Tiense Suikerraffinaderij and is part of the ORAFTI/PALATINIT Ingredients Group of S?dzucker.

DSM buys vitamins stake
DSM has reached an agreement with China?s leading pharmaceuticals group to buy out its stake in a vitamins joint venture, strengthening the Dutch group?s presence on the Chinese market. Known as Roche (Shanghai) Vitamins Limited, the venture was set up by DSM?s former owner, Roche, and the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group (SPG) in 1996. DSM will buy SPG?s 36 per cent share in the business for around $13 million.

Indian FDA gives approval
Biotron Laboratories has received approval for mineral amino acid chelates by the Indian FDA. Established in 1979, Biotron Laboratories specializes in the production of mineral chelates and complexes. Premier Nutraceuticals Private Limited (PNPL), a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of nutraceuticals in India, has received final approval from the Indian FDA to market finished goods using Biotron?s speciality mineral materials in exclusive compositional blends. By partnering with PNPL, Biotron gains access to the $650 million Indian pharmaceutical and natural products market, growing more than 18 per cent annually.

Scholle buys packaging firm
Scholle Corp has acquired 100 per cent of the shares of Flextainer SA, a French packaging company. The business will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Scholle and continue to trade as Flextainer at its headquarters in Schalbach, France.

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