Core Naturals Expands Its Core Team

Ever since Core Naturals made its debut on the natural health stage in 2005 with their introduction of Salba, they’ve been experiencing exponential growth, popularity, and recognition from both the industry and consumers alike. With the addition of these key executives, as well as extension of their line of Salba nutritional products, Core Naturals is gracefully expanding into the “bigger picture” entity it’s rapidly becoming. These new appointments are not only adding to an already accomplished team of professionals, but is increasing Core Naturals’ level of expertise and the overall scope and expansion of this up-and-coming nutritional innovator, the first company to literally put Salba’s heirloom white seeds from Peru on the US map!

Chief Creative Officer & Director of eCommerce: Brian Keyes
Brian Keyes is a creative tour-de-force for the Core Naturals team as is evidenced in all of his work. As Chief Creative Officer and Director of eCommerce, Brian is responsible for overseeing the large landscape of Ecommerce, design, marketing, and brand management. Brian holds a B.F.A. in Illustration with a Concentration in Graphic Design from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia College of Art & Design). He’s had more than 8 years of director-level corporate experience as Creative Director for Xprint – the U.K’s leading business-to-business printing supplies manufacturer & distributor, and as Creative Director for Travel Holdings, Inc., where he was responsible for growing brand awareness for the only travel company on the Inc. 500. He is a proven leader, and is an energetic and passionate individual who has positively transformed several organizations with dynamic, creative thought and a stubborn commitment to quality.

Check out – and all of the Salba labeling, packaging, booth design, sales sheets and other collateral materials. The superior design elements that Brian so seamlessly integrates into everything he creates is obvious, as well as being attention-getting and memorable. With the rapid rate of growth at Core Naturals, Brian is excited about having the opportunity to stay on his path of contributing ideas, both intellectual and visual, to Core Naturals continued growth and expansion.

Chief Financial Officer: Steve Poulos
Steve brings more than 10 years of financial management experience to the Core Naturals Team. Beginning with Morgan Stanley in 1998, he developed key relationships with affluent clientele by delivering comprehensive financial planning through a strategic asset allocation model. In 2001, he continued this path of success with Charles Schwab & Co. where he co-managed over $1.6B in customer assets and received the 2003 President's Club Award for outstanding business development and investment management. In 2005 he further developed his career with Raymond James by managing his own practice and the financial affairs of his valued clients.

He earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Toledo with a concentration in Finance and Human Resources. He currently holds his NASD Series 7 and 63 Securities Licenses as well as the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College of Financial Planning.

Chief Operating Officer: Brad Fowler
Brad brings to the Core Naturals table a broad overview of the natural health industry, with well-formulated ideas as to how best to move a growing company forward. Still residing in the Orlando area in which he grew up, Brad earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, with minors in Business and Communications from Rollins College. He began his career in 2000 developing companies, and in his first endeavor, he co-founded NeuroSolutions, a wholesaler of unique cognitive products in the United States and Australia. While establishing an understanding in healthcare during this development, he saw some of the inherent flaws in the healthcare industry and an opportunity that could be leveraged. In 2003 he co-founded Welnia, a wellness management software application, where he was the Director of Product Development, the designer of the operational platform, and responsible for program implementations.

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