Dr. S.K. Dash Endows South Dakota State University

Dr. S.K. Dash, founder and President of UAS Laboratories, Inc., recently established an endowment at South Dakota State University (SDSU) for the College of Nutrition and Food Science to provide funding for research, scholarships and new programs. The SDSU Foundation and the College of Nutrition, Food Science and Hospitality look forward to working with Dr. Dash on new research and academic programs. Academic and Research Programs currently under consideration include:

· Masters Program in Clinical Nutrition

· Certificate or Masters Program in Regulatory Affairs with a focus on nutraceuticals

· Research in the field of Probiotics Applications

· Research in Probiotic Clinical Effects

· Certificate Program in Probiotics

· International Probiotics Symposium

SDSU is the largest university in South Dakota. As a Land Grant University, SDSU is dedicated to basic and applied research. The University is a leader in research with programs in nutrition and food science.

Dr. S.K. Dash: A Leader in Probiotics, Dedicated to Research and Education

Dr. S.K. Dash received his PhD in Nutrition and Biochemistry from South DakotaStateUniversity in Brookings, South Dakota where he is currently an adjunct professor of nutrition and food science. Dr. Dash is the founder, President and Research Director of UAS Laboratories. Dr. Dash established UAS Laboratories, Inc., a leading biotechnology company focusing on probiotics, in Minneapolis (USA) in 1979 after leaving his position as Director of Food and Drug of South Dakota. During his tenure as Food and Drug Director, Dr. Dash found the potential of probiotics in human health and nutrition. In fact, he rediscovered and reintroduced probiotics in the USA. Some of the innovations of Dr. Dash include introduction and commercialization of super strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1; acid and bile resistant probiotics; non-dairy, gluten free and non-GMO probiotics. More importantly, he introduced the probiotic quality control standard (CFU/g) which is now used in the USA and worldwide.

Consumer awareness of probiotics has significantly increased from 5% to 55% and sales have gone up from $10 million in 1979 to $35 Billion now. Dr. Dash takes pride for his contributions to the significant growth of probiotic sales and popularity. In 2009, Dr. Dash was honored as a probiotic prophet and has received many other awards and honors for his many innovations in probiotics.

Dr. Dash serves as the Vice President and Scientific Advisor of the International Probiotics Association. He is the Chairman of APN Laboratories, Director of Hospital Corporation of Orissa/Kalinga Hospital and President of the Kalinga Health, Education & Research Foundation.

In addition to his professional activities, Dr. Dash has helped to set up a university in Orissa, India, a Regional Blood Bank in Bhubaneswar, India, four Orissa-America Resource Centers in India to assist students for higher studies in the USA and Canada, adopted four high schools in India, three orphanages in India and a village in India. For his contributions to industry and community, Dr. Dash has received many awards and honors including the 2009 Achievement Award from the Minnesota Indo-American Association, recognition by the Minnesota State Senate in 2007 for his contributions to science, technology and philanthropy and the Distinguished Non-Resident Oriya for 2006 from the government of Orissa (India) for contributions to science, technology and innovation. Dr. Dash has been a frequent speaker at scientific symposia and conventions in the USA and abroad. He has authored several research articles and books on probiotics including The Consumer’s Guide to Probiotics, a best seller in the US.

About UAS Laboratories: The Probiotic Company

UAS Laboratories, Inc., founded by Dr. S.K. Dash in 1979, is located at

9953 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA
55344 ( www.uaslabs.com). Dr. Dash can be reached at [email protected]
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