elete Athlete Kristin Wentworth, Team Kenda Tire, Wins Women’s Open at Iowa’s Snake Alley Criterium

OGDEN, UTAH (June 1, 2007)— Kristin Wentworth, an athlete who uses elete Electrolyte Add-In™ and a cyclist with Team Kenda Tire, a team who receives product sponsorship with elete, rode, or more precisely, climbed to victory in last Saturday’s Women’s Open at the Snake Alley Criterium in Burlington, IA.

This was the second consecutive year Wentworth won the criterium, a course which features a steep climb of five switchbacks. This year, course conditions were particularly intimidating for cyclists. “During warm-up for the race, the weather had suddenly changed,” said Paul Forsythe, manager of Team Kenda Tire. “It had started to rain and got noticeably colder. There was even some lightning. While others questioned their resolve for racing in slippery conditions on the paving bricks of Snake Alley, Kristin seemed unaffected by the weather change. She had a job to do. She wanted to win Snake Alley again this year. Nothing could change that. Kristin was the first rider up the climb from the second lap to the end.”

Team Kenda Tire is one of the premier cycling teams that receives product sponsorship from elete Electrolyte Add-In™. “I have used elete electrolytes at all of the stage races and in training when it is very hot outside,” said Kristin Wentworth. “I think it’s a great product and helps athletes get the electrolytes they need without the extra sugar.”

Of his decision to select elete Add-In as Team Kenda Tire’s electrolyte-replacement product, Paul Forsythe stated, ”elete Add-In allows all of our riders to drink what they like. Some riders like sweet drinks; other riders can’t get sweet drinks down, or the taste becomes less appealing when hydration becomes even more important later on in the event. Everyone can get elete water down, and it stays down.” Forsythe added, “The other benefit of elete Add-In, cited by some of the team members, was the choice not to load up on carbs, especially in the early season where dropping some winter weight was a goal.”

“We are thrilled for Kristin’s and Team Kenda’s victory at Snake Alley, and we know this will be a phenomenal year for Team Kenda Tire,” said Val Anderson of elete. “Top athletes love elete, and we at elete love our association with top athletes.”

In addition to Saturday’s Snake Alley Criterium, Team Kenda Tire competed in the Melon City and Quad Cities Criterium—the Midwest’s premier Memorial Day cycling events. Following a few weeks of well-earned rest, Team Kenda will hit it hard again in the Nature Valley Grand Prix Stage Race in Minneapolis/St. Paul, June 20-24, 2007.

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