Enzymotec Launches Krill Oil Product

Enzymotec announced today that it can produce in high capacity its own superior quality krill oil ingredient.

This announcement follows previous announcements made through 2006 regarding the company's expansion of its production facility and R&D investments and the diversification of its product line to produce a wider range of high quality phospholipids.

"I am glad to say that our control over raw materials, unique bio-processing technologies and know-how have enabled us to outperform products currently in the market in matters concerning composition, service and cost effectiveness", stated Enzymotec CEO Dr. Katz.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, a developer and a manufacturer of innovative, biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, and infant formula. The company develops and produces novel, lipid-based ingredients among which are: CardiaBeatTM for CVD management, Sharp-PSTM and Sharp-PSTM GOLD for improving cognitive performance and InFatTM for balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers.

This spring LifeGuard Health is planning to launch New Omega Optimum using Enzymotec's CardiaBeat.

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