FDA Calls Citizens for Health, Announces Re-Opening of Comment Period on CAM Guidance

Thursday, May 24th (Washington, DC & Minneapolis, MN) – Citizens for Health’s executive director, Frank Herd, Jr, yesterday received a phone call from the FDA assuring him that the agency had reopened the comment period on its “Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration” (Docket # 2006D-0480) and that the agency will accept comments through May 29th.

This means that the FDA is honoring the deadline that was posted in April, but later retracted, saying it had been posted due to an employee error. “The FDA had already received more than 125,000 comments on this proposed guidance, mostly negative, when I spoke with Mr. Chao three weeks ago. Since then, more than 8,000 Citizens for Health members responded to our call for e-mails to the FDA urging them to honor the May 29th deadline,” Herd added. “This is clearly a grassroots victory for Citizens for Health, its constituents, and the natural health movement as a whole.”

“The FDA’s main contact on the proposed guidance, Philip Chao, called to let us know the moment the comment period was re-opened and the amended deadline was posted on their site,” noted Herd. “We immediately verified this, and now encourage anyone in the natural health community who is concerned about the potential implications of the proposed guidance to take this opportunity to ensure your voice is heard – there are only a few days left!”

For more on the CAM Guidance, click here to read “FDA's ‘Alternative' Reality" by Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc.’s editorial director, James J. Gormley.

Citizens for Health urges any industry stakeholders who have not yet sent in their comments to please do so now!

About Citizens for Health
Citizens for Health (www.citizens.org) is a national non-profit consumer advocacy group working to broaden healthcare options, create an integrative health system based on wellness, and advance the freedom to make health choices. The group promotes the fundamental policies needed to improve health choices and information in the U.S. and internationally. The group works with grassroots and education organizations and partners in the not-for-profit sector to ensure consumer access to dietary supplements, safe foods, a healthy environment and a wide range of healing therapies. Citizens for Health fosters active citizen leadership and organizes natural health consumers to create political and legislative solutions that support those rights.


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