Feed Additives of the Future Combining Probiotic and Botanical Elements

Chr. Hansen A/S and Nor-Feed A/S join forces in the development of a range of feed additives containing the well-documented beneficial effects from probiotic and botanical additives for the livestock industry.

The products have proven their efficacy in numerous field-trials, which show great improvement of production parameters, such as daily weight gain and feed conversion which is important parameters for improving the economy in the production. Also the synergistic effects from both the probiotic and botanical elements will bring on high performance and health in the pig herd. The new products are presently being introduced in the markets in EU, and will during the coming months be available world wide.

”We see great opportunities and have high expectations on this cooperation. Last year we grew 20% organically and we see huge interest in natural products for livestock production as the botanical and probiotic additives” says Jens N. Jørgensen, Global Product Manger, Animal Health and Nutrition, Chr. Hansen.

Patents filed
Patent-applications have been filed for the products, which have confirmed effects as regards improvement of livestock production parameters in piglets and other young animals.

“Because of Chr. Hansen A/S’s efficient global distribution system we see this opportunity for us to meet customer demand on a world wide basis”, Troels Elgaard, managing director of Nor-Feed A/S elaborates.

Botanicals include secondary active elements as i.e. antioxidants that are known to have health promoting activities in human. Adding selected botanicals to food animals may not only improve animals health and production but also may have impact on product quality and human health.

Chr. Hansen A/S, a leading global developer and supplier of advanced probiotics for inclusion in feed and drinking-water for animals. Nor-Feed A/S, developer and supplier of well-known natural, botanical feed-additives.

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