Gordon Morton Named Chief Marketing Officer for XanGo

LEHI, UT—June 23, 2006— XanGo, LLC, the creator of the mangosteen beverage category, announced today that Executive Vice President and XanGo Co-Founder Gordon Morton has been named Chief Marketing Officer.

According to XanGo President Aaron Garrity, Morton’s appointment is part of an organizational strategy to allow XanGo founding executives to focus their energies on further international expansion. As XanGo’s chief marketing officer, Morton will oversee key areas such as sales management, product development, public relations, marketing communications and market research.

Since XanGo’s September 2002 founding, Morton has played a key role in the company’s unprecedented growth and success. Currently, XanGo boasts approximately 500,000 independent distributors who sell the company’s flagship product, XanGo™ Juice, to millions of people in 14 international markets.

Garrity noted, “It is difficult to measure Gordon’s contribution to XanGo’s success because his fingerprints are all over the company.” Morton is known as the brainchild behind the XanGo brand and name. He coined the name XanGo, which is derived from two words: XAN from xanthones (a powerful phytonutrient in mangosteen fruit) and GO from mangosteen. He also authored the distributor compensation plan, widely recognized as the most competitive in the direct sales industry.

Another Morton legacy is XanGo’s far-reaching philanthropic efforts. It was Morton who proposed to his partners that they make charitable giving part of XanGo’s business plan before they ever sold one bottle of product. Since opening its doors in 2002, XanGo has chosen to support initiatives that exist to better the lives of children across the world through monetary donations, advisory board service, volunteer programs, partnerships in medical expeditions, and community education and humanitarian aid efforts. Morton believes participating in cause related ventures strengthen the company.

Prior to co-founding XanGo, Morton successfully worked on both the management and distributor side of the direct sales business. He directed the global marketing efforts of three organizations as well as achieving the position of No. 1 distributor for another international direct sales company.

“My good friend and colleague’s compassion and creative abilities are unequaled,” said Garrity. “I am confident Gordon will continue to open doors that will take XanGo to new heights.”

About XanGo, LLC

XanGo, LLC is a recognized category creator as the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGoTM Juice, to consumers worldwide. A delicious daily dietary supplement, XanGoTM Juice harnesses the nutritional attributes of the whole mangosteen fruit through a proprietary formula. Based in Utah, XanGo is privately owned and powered by a global network of independent distributors. XanGo’s expansive operations include the U.S. and numerous international markets such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. For more information on XanGo and XanGoTM Juice, visit www.xango.net <http://www.xango.net/> .

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