Introducing Dr. Weil’s Daily Digestive Formula

Gastrointestinal (GI) health greatly depends upon the amount of friendly microorganisms colonizing in the intestinal tract known as probiotic bacteria – commonly referred to as “gut flora” or “friendly” bacteria. These microorganisms offer many benefits that can help improve GI function and strengthen the immune system.

Many factors, including antibiotic use, poor diet and stress, affect these microorganisms, upsetting the digestive balance and lowering the body’s natural defenses. Dr. Weil, an internationally recognized expert on integrative medicine, medicinal plants, mind-body interactions and the future of medicine and healthcare, said, “Better digestive health strengthens our body’s natural defenses. As a critical barrier to everything we ingest, our digestive tract is under daily assault, and many things in everyday life can cause this important system to become unbalanced. Probiotics added to our daily routine can help.”

However, an issue often overlooked is the need for these microorganisms to resist the harsh environment of the digestive system. Probiotics can only have a positive health benefit if they are alive when they reach the intestinal tract.

That is why Ideasphere, working side-by-side with Andrew Weil, M.D., world-renowned pioneer and leader in integrative medicine, selected GanendenBC30 as the key ingredient for this formulation. GanendenBC30 is an extremely hardy organism with a natural protective coating, containing 2.1 billion live active cells at the time of manufacture. “My Daily Digestive Support Formula is the first to contain the unique GanendenBC30 strain, chosen for its remarkable hardiness. It requires no refrigeration, and research shows it delivers 35 times more live active cells to the intestinal tract than yogurt,” said Dr. Weil.

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