Introducing the Estroven Menopause Monitor(tm)

Bloomfield, CT – There are approximately 45 million women between ages 35 and 55.These women often experience a variety of symptoms including irritability, occasional sleeplessness, forgetfulness and fatigue.Common refrains include: It’s just the kids that are making me tired, or It’s my job that is stressing me out or It’s my busy life that’s making me irritable.In many cases, women do not associate these symptoms with Menopause because they believe they are too young to be in the early stages of Menopause.

Menopause (defined as the absence of a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months) typically occurs around age 50. However, studies show that perimenopause, the stage leading up to and surrounding menopause (when women frequently start to experience symptoms), can begin as early as a woman’s thirties or as much as ten years before menopause. Despite this, many women in their thirties or forties think they are too young to be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Now for the first time, women can now identify where they are with menopause in the privacy of their home. Estroven®, the leading brand of women’s natural health supplements, now offers the in-home Menopause Monitor urine test kit.

The Estroven Menopause Monitor will help women to determine if they could be in a stage of menopause. The Estroven Menopause Monitor detects FSH or follicle stimulating hormone in the urine.A high FSH level may indicate a declining estrogen level and signify the onset of one of the stages of menopause. The Estroven Menopause Monitor is as easy-to-use as pregnancy tests that women have been using for decades. It is FDA cleared and clinically tested to be 99% as accurate as the tests performed in doctors’ offices and laboratories.

Prior to the Estroven Menopause Monitor, most women experiencing menopause symptoms had to see their doctor and take a lab test to get information about their menopause stage. For many, that meant having to make two appointments; one for the doctor’s office and one for the lab, both of which required a co-pay.

With the convenience of the Estroven Menopause Monitor, women can find out where they are with menopause in minutes, right in the privacy of their own home, saving them time and money. Then they can have an informed discussion with their physician or seek a solution on their own. Either way, the Estroven Menopause Monitor allows women to be proactive about their health by delivering clinically proven information they can discuss with their healthcare practitioners.

In addition, the Estroven Menopause Monitor can give women peace of mind with information that they can use to chart a course of action to manage their health during the years leading up to menopause.

“We believe the Estroven Menopause Monitor will change the way women approach menopause,” says David Belaga, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Amerifit Nutrition, Inc., “it will provide women with more information to take more control in managing their health and wellness.”

The Estroven Menopause Monitor is sold nationally in food, drug, and discount stores. Each kit includes two easy to use urine tests, detailed instructions, a complete explanation of results, as well as an informative question and answer guide. More information can be found at

Estroven, the #1 women’s herbal supplement in America, is the leading brand of Amerifit Nutrition, Inc. an established health and wellness company. Amerifit Nutrition is committed to providing consumers with the best products and services through dedication to proven science, innovation, product quality and consumer satisfaction. In addition to the Estroven brand, Amerifit Nutrition’s diverse portfolio includes Vitaball® Vitamin Gumballs; the recently re-launched AcuTrim® weight management products; Sootherbs™ cough/cold lozenges and Flex Able® joint care supplements.

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