Jeff Hilton to Discuss Brand Building through Social Media

Integrated Marketing Group has announced that its co-founder Jeff Hilton has been invited to be part of an expert panel discussing green marketing strategy at this year’s HBA Global Expo, the nation's largest conference for the personal care, fragrance, wellness and cosmetic industries. Hilton will speak on the importance of connecting with eco-conscious consumers through social media as part of the education session "Marketing Green: Creating a Successful Brand in the Naturals Market," on Wednesday, September 29 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the JacobK.JavitsConvention Center in New York City.

Hilton will discuss consumers' perceptions of and expectations for "green" companies, as well as the promotional tools and social media channels that are most effective in communicating a brand’s green message to current and potential customers. He will also introduce specific social media strategies that can best bolster a green brand image. Wendy Lucas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Desert Essence, Julia Beardwood, Founder of Beardwood & Co., and Sarah Williams, Creative Director of Beardwood & Co., are also scheduled to present in the panel discussion.

"As the 'go green' marketing philosophy spreads into the health and beauty space, so does the opportunity to share your brand's 'feel good' messaging through social media," says Hilton. "Social networking focuses on image, culture and community, making it especially suited to the health and beauty consumer."

For more details about Hilton's education session, visit

About IMG and Jeff Hilton:

Jeff Hilton is partner and co-founder of Integrated Marketing Group (IMG), a marketing consultancy focused in the healthy lifestyles category, and specializing in strategic planning, branding, public relations and Web design and development. Hilton has been recognized by Advertising Age as one of America's Top 100 Marketers and has more than 30 years of broad-based business experience, including 18 years spent within the natural products industry. Hilton is the recipient of Nutrition Business Journal’s (NBJ) Personal Service Award in recognition for his multiple outreach efforts including editorial contributions, pro-bono work and webinar and speaking engagements within the healthy lifestyles industry. Visit for Hilton’s branding articles and educational resources.

About HBA Global Expo 2010:

The HBA Global Exposition and Conference is the largest product development event and educational conference for the personal care, fragrance, wellness and cosmetic industries. With over 40 sessions, this year's main HBA conference is packed with need-to-know education and information, including case studies, in-depth looks into specific markets and roundtables with industry leaders, and demonstrations of technical innovations. 

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