Kathy’s Family Expands Natural Bath and Beauty Collection

New, Organic Shea Butter Balms Nourish Skin and the Earth

Plainfield, MA - Kathy’s Family is proud to announce the creation of Organic Shea Butter Balms formulated to protect and heal “problem skin spots” such as heels, cuticles, elbows, lips and knees. They can also be used on pulse points for aromatherapy treatment. Kathy’s Family’s popular line of bath and beauty products is inspired by the Swansons, Kathy’s large Minnesota prairie farm family, and captures the essence of good wholesome living and simpler times.

Kathy’s Family products are a lot like the Swansons – honest, trustworthy and down to earth. They are made from ingredients that anyone can pronounce and they only use what they need. Kathy developed the formulas for the bath and beauty products with her family over the years for use after gardening, carpentry and dairy farming or for cracked skin resulting from “doing things that have to be done.”

The creamy and luxurious new balms are offered in three signature scents and named after an Uncle, Aunt and brother: Uncle Elmer Could Fix Anything ‘Back To Work’ Eucalyptus; Aunt June’s Simply The Best ‘Call It A Day’ Lavender and Kathy’s Brother Dale’s Serious Repair ‘Early To Rise’ Citrus. Kathy will no longer have to avoid Uncle Elmer and Aunt June at the annual family reunion now that she has named new balms after them. Kathy’s Dad grew up on the Minnesota farm with 11 siblings – all of which now have products named after them.

The suggested retail price under $10.00 helps make the high-quality and organic new products affordable for everyone’s budget. Each scent is formulated for a specific purpose: lavender to relieve stress and headaches; citrus to perk you up and eucalyptus to invigorate, relieve congestion and clear sinuses.

The 3 new varieties of Kathy’s Family Organic Shea Butter Balms are 100% all natural and contain 97% organic ingredients: certified organic shea butter, virgin olive oil; coconut oil; alfalfa; calendula; and beeswax. Since the new balms contain 12% organic shea butter, they provide an extremely protective moisture barrier. The organic olive oil makes the balm a mild and nourishing lubricant and the organic alfalfa offers a protein-rich skin conditioner. Pure essential oils and Vitamin E are also included.

Although there are several balms on the market, the new Organic Shea Butter Balms from Kathy’s Family are unique because they are 97% certified organic. “The new balms are a natural extension of the brand and our family back when organic ingredients were the only thing available” states Kathy Swanson, co-founder of Kathy’s Family. “By choosing to use only expensive and rare organic ingredients, we know that we are offering consumers a superior product that is healthier for their bodies and one that supports organic farmers and the environment,” adds Swanson.

By using labels filled with witty anecdotes, descriptions of Kathy’s family members on the farm in Minnesota, and products made with wholesome and sensible ingredients that shout “good for you”, customers not only get a great natural product, they also become participants in the lives of a large farm family from the American heartland.

Organic Shea Butter Balm labels feature vintage photos of Uncle Elmer, Aunt Leona and Brother Dale and stories from the farm. “Just like Uncle Elmer, it works, lasts a long time and can fix just about anything” and “Dale found it to be as handy as the hammer in his tool box.”

In addition to the new Organic Shea Butter Balms, Kathy’s Family also offers Shea Butter Lotions, Bodywash Gels, Massage Oils, Organic Lip Treatments, Organic Shampoo, Organic Conditioner, Sea Salt Soaks and Foot Soaks, Scrubs, Organic Balms and award winning Organic Foot Powder. Kathy’s Family products are available at a growing number of stores across the country and online at www.kathys-family.com.

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