LifeSeasons Launches Weight-Management Supplement

Just in time for summer, the LifeSeasons(TM) supplement Metabolism is now available on-shelf for consumers interested in addressing their age-related weight issues, the company has announced. The five key ingredients in the best-in-class Metabolism formula provide support for a range of "weighty" health matters, including appetite management, metabolic activity, glucose absorption, maintaining a positive mood and energy levels.

To address the body's interrelated weight management concerns, Metabolism contains efficacious doses of the following well-researched natural ingredients:

– Kidney bean extract (white): researched for its ability to help moderate carbohydrate conversion

– Cocoa bean extract: known to support the nervous system, promote healthy metabolism and boost serotonin levels in the brain

– Glucomannan: a soluble fiber that supports healthy weight loss

– Chromium: a trace mineral, occurring naturally in some foods such as egg yolks, that helps the body process carbohydrates and fats

– Theobromine: an organic nitrogen-containing substance found in cocoa and chocolate that is known for its ability to support healthy energy levels and manage appetite

"As we age, the body's fat cells start storing more and releasing less; combine that with aging adults' steady loss of muscle and the resulting decline in metabolic activity, and weight control becomes much more difficult," said LifeSeasons co-founder and CEO Darrin Peterson. "The natural ingredients in Metabolism have been carefully selected to work together in addressing the age-related factors that can contribute to weight gain. Those looking to watch their waistlines this summer will be happy to know they can find it at variety of health food stores."

Retailers currently carrying Metabolism include Sunflower Farmers Markets, Central Markets, Clark's Nutrition, Fresh Vitamins and independent health food stores across the country.

About LifeSeasons:

LifeSeasons develops, markets and sells dietary supplements designed to support the body's changing nutritional needs. LifeSeasons was created from a desire to simplify dietary supplementation and make it easier for people to respond quickly and confidently as their bodies change with age. We combine best-in-class, well-researched ingredients into targeted formulations that support each individual's potential to enjoy optimum health and manage a lifetime of changing health needs. For more information visit or call 1(877) 455-2826.

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