Mark Whitacre, man behind the movie and SupplyExpo keynote

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In March 2009 at Supply Expo, Mark Whitacre, COO of Cypress Systems, will take the stage to reflect on his past and his future. It's not easy for anyone to talk so openly about his mistakes. But it is especially tough for a man who spent three years as an FBI informant for one of the biggest price fixing cases in America and later stood before a judge, pled guilty to fraud and waived his rights to a trial. Whitacre says that "despite any good deed derived from my years as an FBI informant, I could not escape the fact that I had still made some very damaging decisions." On that day, his life as a top-level executive for one of the most successful companies in the ingredient supply sector, changed forever.

It's difficult to predict how any one of us might react in a similar situation. Though for Whitacre, he has returned to the industry with a new purpose and a grateful heart. With is personal compass back in order, Whitacre will discuss the value of personal ethics in a global marketplace. He will reflect on how he is applying the life-long lessons he learned in 104 months in jail to his first professional passion—selenium and cancer prevention—the same subject that led him to his first of many PhDs when he was a student in Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell.

In the fall of 2009, Whitacre's story will be the subject of the movie, The Informant. The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Matt Damon as Whitacre and Melanie Lynskey as Mark's wife, Ginger Whitacre.

In addition to Whitacre's keynote, a panel will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the case including: Dean Paisley, the now retired FBI agent in charge of the case; James Lieber JD, author of Rats in the Grain; Paul Willis, CEO of Cypress Systems; Ginger Whitacre, wife of Mark Whitacre and a few surprise guests. Whitacre and Lieber will also be available for book signings throughout the Supply Expo and Natural Products Expo show.

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