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MonaVie Hires President for Asia Pacific Region

MonaVie (, maker of premier acai nutritional beverages and energy drinks, and No. 1 in the Food & Beverage Category on the 2009 Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, today introduces a vision for the Asia Pacific Region, and names Randy Larsen, MonaVie founder and vice chairman, as the new president.

"MonaVie's goal is to become a $20 billion business within 20 years, and we expect $10 billion to come from our Asia Pacific market," says Larsen. "To do so we must build a solid bedrock internationally by putting distributors first, strengthening local leadership, and educating distributors in the culture and vision of MonaVie."

Larsen will retain his role as MonaVie founder and vice chairman, and in his expanded role as president of MonaVie Asia Pacific, will oversee business operations in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and soon Taiwan. He will also play a part in strengthening each market, expanding MonaVie's presence in the region, and working with a growing independent distributor workforce.

"My heart is telling me that I need to go over there. I don't know why, but that is what my heart is telling me. The reason why will become very apparent at some point in the future. All I know is that I believe it is the right thing for me, and I believe it is the right thing for MonaVie."

Since MonaVie first opened its doors in 2005, the company has expanded its operations in 16 markets around the world, achieving a compound annual growth rate in excess of 100 percent annually. Larsen helped establish MonaVie's core business functions in coordination with MonaVie Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dallin A. Larsen, and MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh.

"Randy has played a major role in introducing acai to the global market," says Dallin A. Larsen. "He has repeatedly trekked into the jungle of northern Brazil to build the sourcing relationships crucial to MonaVie's success. Making things happen is the theme of Randy's career, and he will lead the next MonaVie wave in the Asia Pacific region."

For additional information read "Randy Larsen: A Heart for Asia," or visit

About MonaVie LLC

MonaVie LLC is a rapidly growing company that distributes products to markets around the world. Introduced in January 2005, MonaVie develops and markets scientifically formulated, premium quality products, specifically for person-to-person distribution. Developed with a philosophy of Balance-Variety-Moderation, MonaVie(TM) brand products deliver phytonutrients and antioxidants to promote and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In June 2009, MonaVie introduced to the market a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. A welcomed addition to the company's premier line of products, MonaVie EMV ( contains a 100 percent natural energy blend formulated to increase performance, endurance and concentration by kicking up your energy level and keeping it there -- without a subsequent crash.

For more information about MonaVie brand products or how to join the MonaVie family, call 1-866-217-8455 or visit

MonaVie, Mona-Vie, and MonaVie EMV are trademarks of MonaVie LLC registered in the US and other countries.

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