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New Cranberry Extract CranSmart™ Poses Triple-Threat to UTI-Causing Bacteria

Triarco scientists announced today that their newlyreleased cranberry extract, CranSmart, targets urinary tract health with three specialized bioactive mechanisms. The company also confirmed that the extract’s proanthocyanidin content is determined by DMAC, recently chosen by USDA and lead cranberry research scientists as the industry-preferred method of measurement.

CranSmart contains A-linkage™ PACs which inhibit Escherichia coli, the bacterium responsible for 90 percent of urinary tract infections, from adhering to human cells. It also contains a comprehensive organic acid profile. Finally, the extract may help to fight inflammation with powerful cranberry flavonols quercetin, myricetin and kaempferol. Triarco scientists say the combination may pack a more powerful punch when it comes
to the infamous Escherichia coli, news that might be welcome among the approximately 7 million women who suffer a urinary tract infection (UTI) each year.

“It is the presence of all three key cranberry features that sets this extract apart from other cranberry products,” said Triarco Director of Research and Development, Dr. Mark Anderson. “CranSmart takes on urinary tract health from several different angles.”

Dr. Anderson explained how CranSmart’s A-linkage™ PACs differ from other proanthocyanidins on the market: “Some cranberry extracts provide a standardized percentage of PACs, but that number does not necessarily tell you whether those PACs are A-linking,” said Dr. Mark Anderson, “which are the only proanthocyanidins known to inhibit bacterial adhesion. It also does not guarantee that those PACs are bioactive.”

He said that CranSmart’s A-linkage™ PACs are derived from the most-researched of cranberry species, the Vaccinium macrocarpon. Every batch is tested and confirmed for bacterial anti-adhesion through the company’s TruePAC™ Analysis. The extract is available in A-Linkage™ PAC percentages of 6, 8 and 10 percent.

In the past, some manufacturers have been troubled by non-specific methods of analysis used to calculate PAC levels which were later found to be misleading. Earlier this month, however, industry experts looking into the issue reached a consensus, making the DMAC the first and only method to be advocated by USDA, university and industry scientists alike. It is slated to become the new standard in PAC quantification. The inhouse DMAC analytical method performed by Triarco on every batch of CranSmart was developed to quantify A-linkage™ PACs, and is calibrated to the only USDA-published and industry-recognized HPLC standards, as validated by Brunswick Laboratories.

Urinary tract infections are the second most common infection in the body, with almost half of all women experiencing a UTI at some time in their life. Treatment of urinary tract infections can be complicated by antibiotic resistance and a high rate of recurrence rate among women who have already suffered from one or more infections, making prevention a key health issue for many women and driving consumers to look for new
ways to support their urinary tract health.

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About—Triarco is a leading supplier of premium and patented natural ingredients, including herbs, extracts, powders and granulations, minerals, plant-derived enzymes and instantized cold-water soluble herbal teas. Triarco was one of the first companies to implement a certified voucher system in combination with an in-house TLC/HPLC quality control program. For thirty years, Triarco has led the way in quality control, quality
assurance, product development and technology. The company holds ten patents and is known for innovative ingredients such as Aminogen®, Carbogen®, Mytosterone®, Phytavail® and Serotain®. Visit to learn more.

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