New from NatuLab, Inc.: NanoTec Pearl Powder®

NatuLab, Inc. (New York, NY) has developed NanoTec Pearl Powder®, the world’s first one micron size germ-free pearl powder. Mass production of NanoTec Pearl Powder® is made possible by the use of advanced nano-technology and NatuLab, Inc’s patented sterilization method. “It is our plan to introduce this product for sale in the United States and Japanese markets,” the company President stated.

Scientific analysis of NanoTec Pearl Powder® conducted by a research group let by Prof. Koji Nakanishi and Dr Yasuhiro Itagaki, both of Columbia University Chemistry Department, has revealed that it contains 19 types of amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids and 4 skin-rejuvenating amino acids, as well as calcium carbonate and conchiolin amino acid, a type of protein unique to pearls.

In China, pearl powder has been known for thousands of years as traditional medicine. It is used to treat cataract and ringing in the ears, bronchitis, high blood pressure, inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), angina, autonomic imbalance and other conditions. It is also used as a skin whitener/rejuvenator, anti-aging agent, antidote, antifebrile, tranquilizer as well as an anti-inflammatory agent.

NanoTec Pearl Powder® is 100% natural, and is perfectly safe to consume as a dietary supplement. In Japan, it is approved by the country’s Ministry of Health as a food additive. Because of its miniscule powder size, it is easily digested when taken orally, making it a perfect nutrition-loaded additive for all kinds of food such as milk, bread/pasta dough, tofu, etc. Also, conchiolin amino acid, which works wonders as a skin beautifying agent, makes it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging, skin whitening, and rejuvenating cosmetics.

For more information and scientific data, please contact Mr. D.R. Appelman, Marketing Director, NatuLab, Inc.

NatuLab-Japan contact:
Mr. Iida
T: 03-5822-4501

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