New Vitamin K2 Supplier Kappa BioSciences Debuts

Kappa BioScience (a.k.a KAPPA) announces its corporate formation and launch of a new form of Vitamin K2 MK7. Formally established after three years of research, KAPPA emerges with a new and proprietary technology that will initially be used to produce Menaquinone or Vitamin K2 MK-7 for the human nutrition market in Europe and North America. The global operation will be directed by Dr. Egil Greve, CEO, from the company’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

“We are very excited to move from research to application, bringing this new, soy-free and highly purified Vitamin K product to the human nutrition market for use in foods and dietary supplements” stated Dr. Greve. “Our team has been focused over the past two years using cutting edge technology to produce and qualify the best possible Vitamin K product available” added Dr. Greve. Responding to customer requests Kappa also successfully focused on developing an assay and quality testing method for Vitamin k2 MK7 which is exclusive among producers. This allows customers to independently verify that they are receiving the K2 MK7 they are paying for as well as meet label claim.

Kappa will market their novel, all-trans Vitamin K product under the trade name K2VITAL™ and will have both powder and oil forms to offer formulators. With a growing body of science confirming new and positive health benefits from Vitamin K supplementation, interest in Vitamin K has increased significantly in the past several years.

About Kappa BioScience

Kappa BioScience is a research and development (R&D) company operating out of Oslo, Norway. KAPPA’s focus is to apply their advanced technology to highly diverse sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical uses. The company is privately held and intends to launch additional products across their broad market reach in the future. Kappa Bioscience AS, Oslo Innovation Center, Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway Phone +47 95 10 95 65.

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