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Omega-3 supplier harnesses power of waste fats

Omega-3 supplier harnesses power of waste fats

Norwegian fish oil manufacturer harnesses energy housed in waste fats to power the steam boilers. The company has already managed to replace 25 percent of its fossil fuel use with waste material and that number is steadily rising.


GC Rieber Oils, a Norwegian producer of Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oils, has revealed plans to power its factories using only waste from its manufacturing processes.

The company has two fish oil refinement plants in Kristiansund in western Norway, which until recently were run exclusively on fossil fuels. Now, it says, it is taking steps to replace these with the large amounts of otherwise useless saturated fat that are normally separated out and discarded during the production of Omega-3s.

Instead of disposing of these fats, GC Rieber Oils intends to harness their energy to run the steam boilers used during manufacturing. The use of waste fats in the two plants only started in September, but already GC Rieber Oils says it is on track to replace 25 percent of its fossil fuel needs this year alone. The aim is for this eventually to rise to 100 percent.

In a statement the company said: “Biodiesel from fish oils is a renewable resource, and even though the emission of CO2 will be the same, it will be CO2 neutral in the cycle considering the final statement of greenhouse gasses.

“The experience so far is that the boilers are burning more cleanly and with less soot. Analysis shows that the emission of sulphur is anticipated to be reduced considerably compared to fuel oil from petroleum. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this is also a lucrative for the company.”

It added: “A test project for burning other production waste is running simultaneously. The goal is to optimize the burning process so that it can be as environmentally friendly as possible.”

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