PHYTO Hair Care Introduces Patented Phytolium(R)4

PHYTO, the expert in botanical hair care, introduces Phytolium(R) shampoo and Phytolium(R)4 treatment, launching September 2010. The energizing shampoo and 4-patent treatment is an all-natural and side effect free alternative to chemical hair loss ingredients such as Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Scientists at the Phytosolba Laboratories in Bezons, France, referred to their expertise in plant molecule research, extraction methods and biotechnology to find the most effective botanical ingredients to combat male pattern baldness and alopecia.

The result? Unlike chemical-based products, where measurable changes disappear within months after discontinuation of the treatment, Phytolium(R)4's results are safe and long-lasting. The amount of hair loss decreases, healthy hair grows and the diameter of each hair strand increases in density.

Clinical Results:*

79% noticed a 5% reduction in telogen hair, which increased to 21% at 12 weeks, and to 24% at 16 weeks.

79% noticed a 27% increase in the growth coefficient at 12 weeks, and 39% at 16 weeks.

* Based on a clinical study conducted by an external laboratory using the videotrichogram method.

Consumer findings:

88% effective on thinning hair.

69% of volunteers' hair feels stronger.

63% of volunteers' hair appears denser.

Phytolium(R)4 is armed with 4 patented ingredients to:

Prolong the hair's life cycle—CapicellPro is a double PATENTED botanical complex that stimulates and protects both the follicle cells and reserve cells, known as stem cells. Using biotechnology, the complex consists of a patented shiitake molecule that stimulates the sirtuins, or "longevity proteins", combined with a biocompatible extract of wild apple fruit stem cells that preserves reserve cells for future hair growth.

Delay Hair thinningSerenoa extract inhibits 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that causes hair thinning. Essential oils of sage, cajuput, rosemary, lemon and cypress have clarifying and stimulating properties to help hair regenerate.

Accelerate GrowthSolanum glycoproteins, a PATENTED ingredient, help stimulate keratinocytes, the cells that produce hair, and act on the hair bulb to tone and encourage growth.

Increase densityGrapeseed procyanidols and cananga essential oil, a PATENTED botanical complex, helps protect the tissue surrounding the hair bulb and improves intercellular exchanges for denser, stronger growth.

Ease of Use:

12 pre-dosed vials equal one month's treatment; recommended intense treatment is 3 months. Travel friendly.


Apply the product to clean hair and scalp section by section using the comfort nozzle. Use 3 times a week. Leave-in. Non-greasy

Phyto recommends:

To maximize the effectiveness of PhytoLium(R)4 thinning hair treatment, use Phytolium(R) Shampoo prior to treatment.

NEW! Phytolium(R) Shampoo prepares the scalp for Phytolium(R) 4 treatment. Phytolium(R) Shampoo is highly concentrated in Rooibos and Cinchona bark extracts that energize the scalp and fortifies the hair bulb while restoring strength and density to hair. Niacin, zinc trace element, ginseng and sage extracts restore energy and strength. ($24)

Follow with the Phytophanere dietary supplements to strengthen hair and nails.


PHYTO (fee-toe) is a leader in botanical hair care treatments for all hair types. Created by Parisian stylist Patrick Ales in 1967, PHYTO formulas boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. Phyto is manufactured and distributed by Ales Group, USA, a subsidiary of Ales Groupe, a family-owned located in Bezons, France. PHYTO does not test on animals. Please recycle. For more information, please contact 1.800.55.PHYTO or visit Twitter: @phytohaircare

Phytolium(R) Shampoo ($24) & Phytolium(R)4 treatment ($60) will be available September 2010 in Fine Salons, Sephora, and select department stores nationwide. For more information, please call 1-800.55.PHYTO or visit

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