Solazyme Announces New Vice President of Research and Development

MENLO PARK, Calif., May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Solazyme, a leading algal biotechnology company, today announced that it has named Dr. Anthony (Tony) G. Day to the position of Vice President of Research and Development of the Company.

Dr. Day has spent twenty years in academic, industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology research and development. He was most recently a research director in the R&D organization of Genencor International, Inc., where he spent twelve years. While at Genencor, he led industrial biotechnology projects in a number of business areas, several of which led to commercial products. Dr. Day joined the Genencor Healthcare division at its inception where he designed, implemented, and ran their first healthcare program. Subsequently, he championed and directed a pre-clinical program targeted towards the treatment of acute cardiovascular indications. Dr. Day also played a number of other roles during his tenure at Genencor, including Head of Structural Biology and Head of Bioinformatics. He is also an inventor on more than 20 patents and patent applications and has authored numerous scientific articles.

"We are extremely proud to have Tony join our team and believe he will be an invaluable asset to our Company," said Dr. Harrison F. Dillon, CEO of Solazyme. "His extensive industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology research and development experience will help shape and drive the Company's future growth."

Dr. Day received his Ph.D. in biotechnology from Imperial College London. Subsequently he moved to the University of Cambridge where he carried out postdoctoral work on protein design in the research group of Professor Sir Alan Fersht, FRS. Dr. Day holds BSc and MSc degrees in chemistry from Portsmouth Polytechnic and the University of British Columbia, respectively.

More information on Solazyme and Dr. Day can be found online at

About Solazyme:

Founded in 2003 in Menlo Park, California, Solazyme is devoted to harnessing the energy-harvesting machinery of various species of algae to produce valuable products. The Company utilizes proprietary genetic engineering methods to develop and optimize commercially relevant biochemical pathways for production of Nutraceutical/Cosmeceutical and Pharmaceutical products. For more information, please visit our website: or contact us at 650-780-4777.

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