Special ALW Quick Gum Type with High Stabilizing Efficiency for (Beverage) Emulsions

ALFRED L. WOLFF (Germany) presents a new Quick Gum type with a special focus on flavour emulsions and beverages. ALW Quick Gum is a high-performance stabilizer in spray-dried powder form. 100% from genuine gum arabic source.

Its efficiency is measurable by means of its aptitude to homogenize and stabilize flavour or beverage emulsions, to maintain liquid compositions in stable suspension and to encapsulate the micro-particles of spray-dried flavour powders. Through its wettability and quick dissolution time, Quick Gum provides an optimum result in a minimal time. While it encapsulates the aromatic spray-powders, it impedes their oxidation. By homogenizing the emulsions, it enhances their texture. Being neutral in taste and odour, Quick Gum is an ideal flavour carrier that allows for a full flavour release of the various recipe components. Adequate to produce a certain turbidity in liquids, Quick Gum is equally able to create clear and transparent emulsions corresponding to the sensory characteristics of the product. Easy to handle in the most diversified production processes, Quick Gum also means nutritional benefits for the consumers due to its low caloric value and its naturally high fibre content. Soft drinks, fruit-flavoured or milk-based beverages, soft-alcoholic drinks, light-coloured or dark aromatic emulsions as well as transparent or turbid emulsions benefit from the technologically optimized properties of this special ALFRED L. WOLFF's Quick Gum type.

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