Stauber Signs U.S. Distribution Deal with Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc.

Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc. is pleased to announce a new alliance with Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc., a German manufacturer of high-quality organic and inorganic mineral salts and mineral blends.

Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc. offer many different minerals in differing qualities and purities, and they can develop products according to specific customer demands and specifications. Their product offering is extensive – from Calcium to Iron to Magnesium and Zinc; micronized grades, micro encapsulated, and new M2 grades (micronized/micro encapsulated). Many of the latest products are pre-mix blends for beverages or tablets, and custom blended premixes are their forte.

Finished product applications can include tablets, capsules, powders, beverages, functional foods, and cosmetics.

As U.S. Distributor for Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc. products, the Stauber sales team will be introducing the Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc. full product offering to current and prospective customers.

Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc. is a leading distributor of ingredients to dietary supplement and food manufacturers. For more information please contact your Stauber Account Executive or Sheri Esswein, Stauber Sales Manager, 714-441-3900 or 888-441-4233.

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