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Sun Chlorella USA Enhances Social Media Presence

Sun Chlorella USA, a leading provider of premium chlorella green food products, recently expanded its online outreach to ensure retailers, practitioners and consumers can stay up-to-date about company news and learn more about the general benefits of chlorella use.

Fans of Sun Chlorella products can visit the company's Facebook and Twitter pages for information on and access to:

· New product announcements and complimentary product samples

· Online-only discounts, offers, contests and giveaways

· Clinical studies and other updates on how chlorella's nutrient-dense profile can naturally benefit the body

· Stories about how chlorella affects individual health and wellness

· Easy and helpful tips on how chlorella can be consumed

· A forum for fans and followers to ask Sun Chlorella's Health and Science Advisory Board members about nutrition- and health-related concerns

Additionally, Sun Chlorella USA has revamped its YouTube channel with a series of brief, educational videos featuring natural health practitioners Mark Drucker, M.D., and David Nelson, Ph.D., as well as leading chlorella clinical researcher Randall Merchant, Ph.D. Currently posted clips outline chlorella's ability to:

· Promote beneficial digestive bacteria and support a healthy immune system

· Help maintain healthy levels of body fat percentage, blood pressure, total serum cholesterol and fasting glucose

· Aid the body to repair and regenerate at the cellular level thanks to a unique component called Chlorella Growth Factor

· Provide specific health benefits for expectant and recent mothers

"Expanding our social media efforts provides new avenues to connect with our consumers, whether they are chlorella users for several decades or several days," says Rose J. Straub, Sun Chlorella USA vice president and chief operating officer. "Those interested in learning about the benefits of chlorella for the first time can also find a wealth of information and interactive features to help guide them towards better health."

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About Sun Chlorella USA:

Sun Chlorella USA is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of premium chlorella products. Sun Chlorella Corp. holds the patent on the DYNO®-Mill pulverization processing technique, setting its chlorella offerings apart from all others on the market in terms of purity and digestibility. Its flagship Sun Chlorella “A” tablets are available at The Vitamin Shoppe and other health food retailers, as well as online at

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