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Two Moms Raw Soul

Two Moms in the Raw rebrands as Soul Sprout

Soul Sprout, formerly Two Moms in the Raw, makes granola bars, nut bars, grain-free cereal, almond butter truffles and almond crackers made with organic, non-GMO sprouted and raw ingredients.

Originally founded as Two Moms in the Raw, Soul Sprout launches as the next generation, offering great-tasting snacks made with organic, non-GMO sprouted and raw ingredients that nourish the body and soul. Soul Sprout snacks are packed with plant-based nutrition from organic nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, and they’re free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and sugar.

“More and more people are discovering the power of eating a plant-based diet, particularly one that centers on organic and sprouted ingredients,” said Matt Fuller, CEO of Soul Sprout. “At Soul Sprout, we craft delicious organic snacks packed with lively, sprouted ingredients to help you feel great, heal yourself when things get out of balance and function at your highest level. We call that Accelerated Nutrition.”

Soul Sprout uses sprouted nuts, seeds and grains, which have been soaked in water to activate beneficial enzymes that give the food its nutritional boost. Fruits like organic blueberries, cranberries, golden berries and goji berries, often referred to as “superfoods”, are among the main ingredients in the brand’s organic granola bars, nut bars, almond butter truffles, grain-free cereal and almond crackers. Flavors include:

  • Sprouted Granola Bars ($5.99 per box of six): Bring on the Blueberry, Cacao Nib Crunch, Cranberry Chia Crunch, Gojiberry Triple Yum-Yum, Sweet-N-Tart Goldenberry
  • Sprouted Nut Bars ($2.39 - $2.69 per bar): Charming Cherry Chocolate, Cranberry Crush, Gotta Getta Gojiberry, Go For Goldenberry, Blueberry Burst, Wow Cacao Nib
  • Sprouted Almond Butter Truffles ($3.39 – $3.69 per unit): Cacao Almond, Cayenne Cacao, Cinnamon-ilicious, Green Tea Vanilla
  • Sprouted Almond Crackers ($6.99 per box): Jive’N Chive & Onion, Sweet on You Graham, Spicy Chipotle Pepper, Zesty Italian Herb
  • Sprouted Grain Free Cereal ($9.99 per box): Original

“Sprouting unlocks the nutrients in seeds, nuts and grains, so you can absorb them into your bloodstream more easily and more effectively,” said Erin Fray, CMO of Soul Sprout. “The more readily your body can release nutrients from food, the more efficiently it performs. You get more from your food, faster. We call this high bioavailability.”

Many experts believe that sprouted foods offer more readily available amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals than raw or roasted varieties. Sprouted foods are also considered to be gentler on your digestive tract, making them a potentially better option for people who are managing certain health conditions through nutrition.

All Soul Sprout products are USDA certified organic. Soul Sprout is also Certified C.L.E.A.N. (Conscious, Live, Ethical, Active, Nourishing) and Certified R.A.W. (Real, Alive, Whole) by the International Center for Integrative Systems, the acknowledged global certification authority based on food safety, processing and nutrient bioavailability. Soul Sprout snacks can be found at natural grocers nationwide, or

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