Viterra Expands Marketing Network to Italy

Viterra Inc. ("Viterra") (CA:VT 7.89, -0.04, -0.50%) (ASX:VTA) is pleased to announce the opening of a new marketing office in Naples, Italy, and the appointment of Mauro Ambrosio as a representative of Viterra's marketing activities in the region.

Mr. Ambrosio will manage relationships with key customers on behalf of Viterra. He will work with Viterra's International Grain Group as they extend the Company's value chain and create deeper connections between origination points in North America, Australia and New Zealand and leading food manufacturers and consumers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

"We are pleased to be represented by Mauro Ambrosio in our Naples office. His knowledge and insights into the unique needs of customers will further solidify our company as a link between origination and destination markets. Throughout his career in the market, he has established strong relationships with durum flour millers, pasta manufacturers and other end-users," said Christian Joerg, Vice-President and Managing Director, Europe.

Over the past two years, Viterra's International Grain Group has established global marketing offices that allow the Company to capitalize on the growing demands for food ingredients. These offices are located in Vancouver, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Geneva, and now Naples. With an office and representative in Italy, the company is better positioned to market essential food ingredients to North Africa and Southern Europe as well as other destinations.

"Mauro's expertise and his relationships in the region further enhance our competitive position as Viterra's International Grain team pursues opportunities to market the grains that we originate around the world, creating stonger ties between our farm customers and our destination markets," said Don Chapman, Senior Vice-President, Grain International, Viterra.

About Viterra

Viterra Inc. provides premium quality ingredients to leading global food manufacturers. Headquartered in Canada, the global agribusiness has extensive operations across Western Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with Adelaide, Australia as the base for Viterra's Southeast Asian operations. Our growing international presence also extends to operations in the United States, offices in Japan, Singapore, China and Switzerland. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we operate in three distinct businesses: grain handling and marketing, agri-products, and value-added processing. Our expertise, close relationships with producers, and superior logistical assets allow the company to consistently meet the needs of the most discerning end-use customers, helping to fulfill the nutritional needs of people around the world.

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