Vitiva's Oxidation Management System Extends Shelf-Life of Frying Oils

Vitiva, of Slovenia, has introduced to the market the SyneROX® HT Oxidation Management System for extended shelf life of frying oils. Adding SyneROX® HT to fresh frying oil reduces the formation of polar compounds and extends its shelf life up to 100 %, depending on the oil type. In addition, the oil is protected against oxidation and hydrolysis. Most importantly, it doesn’t change the taste or odor of the final product.

Deep-fat frying is one of the most common methods used for food preparation. Fried foods have desirable flavor, color and crispy texture, which make deep-fried food very popular among consumers. Frying oil deteriorates due to high frying temperatures, and water, air and other compounds that are present in the fried food. The hydrolysis, oxidation, polymerization, isomerization and cyclization are common chemical reactions in frying oil that produce both volatile and nonvolatile compounds. These products affect the functional and nutritional quality of frying oil and therefore also change the taste and odor of the fried food.

The quality of frying oil or its usage rate is usually measured by the amount of free fatty acids and by the polar compounds value. “The contents of free fatty acids and polar compounds increase with frying time as a result of oil hydrolysis and degradation of hydro peroxides and/or dimerization or polymerization, respectively,” says Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. “Our advanced Oxidation Management System solves this problem by significantly reducing the polar compounds formation and protecting the oil against oxidation and hydrolysis. The heat stability of the active ingredients remains and keeps their high performance in frying oil.

SyneROX® HT Oxidation Management System is a liquid all-natural formulation that can be easily applied to frying oil preparing tank. It has GRAS status in the USA market and is considered as natural flavor by the FDA, and it is also a natural flavour in Europe according to EU legislation.

“This formulation is a superior Oxidation Management System that enables consumer-friendly label “notes Cohen. “Many synthetic preservatives are unstable and ineffective in high frying temperatures. The protection system of the frying oil does not pass on to the final product, so it is used only as a processing aid.

In case customers wish to protect fried food from rancidity through its shelf life, we can offer other solutions such as: products from our INOLENS® line for bakery products, potato-based products, snacks and readymade fish/seafood products, VivOX® 4 for the protection of readymade meat products, etc. Vitiva technical service can advisese our customers on how to choose the optimal product according to their specific needs.

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