Yayi International Hires Sales Director

Yayi International Inc., (YYIN 1.68, 0.00, 0.00%) ("Yayi International" or "the Company"), the first mover and a leading producer and distributor of premium goat milk formula products for infants, toddlers, young children, and adults in the People's Republic of China ("China"), has announced the expansion of its executive team with the addition of Ms. Meiping Li as Sales Director, effective July 21, 2010.

Ms. Li brings more than 20 years of sales management expertise in the dairy product and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining Yayi International, she was General Manager of Healtheries, a New Zealand-based health food and supplement manufacturer that is best known for its "Healtheries" branded colostrum powder and "Natropure" branded infant formula in China. Previously, she served as National Sales Director at Fonterra Brands (China) Ltd., a New Zealand-based dairy producer, Regional Sales Director at Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., a member company of Johnson & Johnson Inc., and Sales Manager responsible for infant formula and formula for pre- and post-natal women, Greater North China at Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Earlier in her career, Ms. Li was Sales Manager, Northeastern China at Lam Soon Hong Kong Group.

During her extensive career as a seasoned sales executive, Ms. Li has successfully managed and optimized sales growth and distribution networks for multinational dairy companies in China. She also has experience in effectively building, incentivizing and improving sales teams. Ms. Li received a bachelor's degree in medicine from the College of Medicine at CapitalMedicalUniversity in Beijing.

"We are pleased to add Ms. Li to our senior sales management team and expect her previous experience with international dairy and infant formula producers and leading pharmaceutical companies to help us further develop our sales and distribution platforms. Additionally, her extensive relationships working with sizable distributors will add much value to further building our distribution capability. Due to her background in medicine, we believe she will also play a key role in promoting the health benefits of our goat milk products," said Ms. Li Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Yayi International.

About Yayi International

Yayi International is the first mover and a leading producer and distributor of premium goat milk formula products for infants, toddlers, young children and adults in China. Its current formula product lines are targeted at the premium market segment and health-conscious consumers. The Company has a vertically-integrated production process. It sources raw goat milk from its proprietary dairy farms and neighboring goat dairy farmers on a long-term contract basis in milk collection centers, which ensures high quality control of its products. The Company's distribution network comprises of a nationwide footprint across China in 23 provinces and municipalities including domestic and multinational supermarkets, infant-maternity store chains, and drug stores as well as catalogue sales and a dedicated online store at Taobao.com.

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