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Vitiva Presents Natural Solution for Stabilization of Oleoresins

Vitiva, Slovenia, introduces INOLENS® 4, a powerful antioxidant formulation, based on rosemary extract as a natural solution for the stabilization of carotenoids, tomato based products and paprika oleoresin.

INOLENS®, an odorless rosemary extracts line, launched a year ago, eliminates the strong odor exuded by rosemary extracts, making them suitable for a wide range of food applications through Vitiva’s proprietary extraction process. The sales growth for this line is growing rapidly since it can be used in new applications while use of rosemary extract was very limited before. Its newest product - INOLENS® 4 can improve oleoresin stabilization in carotenoids and tomato based products such as ketchup, pizza etc.

Currently, numerous synthetic compounds such as BHT, BHA, TBHQ and ethoxyquin are used for preventing rancidity and color fading in paprika and carotenoids.

”Food manufactures tend to remove synthetic preservatives from food applications due to their possible side effects on human health, in response to consumers’ demand for healthier products, and replace them with natural ingredients with antioxidative properties,” explains Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. “INOLENS® 4 is a special formulation that can extend the product’s shelf life by eliminating rancidity and color fading, thus enable food producers to apply for a clean label.

Vitiva has tested the possibility of applying INOLENS® 4 to tomato based products and carotenoids used for food products and dietary supplements. In addition, it can protect also paprika oleoresin with various color grades in different types of paprika. “By adding INOLENS® 4 to paprika oleoresin with 140,000 color units we have been able to extend its shelf life significantly,” says Dr. Majda Hadolin, head of the Food Application Laboratory at Vitiva. In addition, INOLENSTM 4 is a highly deodorized product that does not influence the product’s taste and odor.

“We can make tailor-made natural solutions based on innovative INOLENS® 4 for the stabilization of various products,” adds Dr. Hadolin. “We will support our customers with our extensive know-how and experience in every stage of the product development process.”

Vitiva is a dynamic, fast-growing nutraceuticals company, offering natural extracts with antioxidant properties and a full range of deodorized rosemary extracts in a variety of concentrations for specific applications. These pure extracts are soluble in oil or water, and are available in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:
Mr. Ohad Cohen, CEO
Tel: +386217888738

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